Many wealthy people turn to cattle breeding to create wealth. Ordinary investors may not be able to afford a fully-blown cattle farm. But they can participate in the cattle market through Cowsharing. Owners’ partnerships or Consortiums are a way to spread the costs and risks of cattle farming and cattle ownership and allow those with moderate funds to invest.

Nowadays, you can join pools of investors and see how your investment in cattle grows and Cowsharing is an innovative way of making good profit whilst at the same time contributing job creation , the provision of food security and the education of our youth.


a) With your investment cattle is bought and placed with registered farmers / landowners

b) Cowsharing will always own the cattle as the cattle is not given to the farmers, it is on loan to the farmers on a 5 year contract basis.

c) Cowsharing and the farmer share in the progeny (the offspring) of the cattle.

d) This means that in 5 years time the farmer will have his own herd from the offspring of the cattle that was on loan to him as payment for the use of his land.

e) After the 5 years the original herd of cattle PLUS Cowsharing’s portion of offspring moves to 2 or 3 other farmers and the process repeats itself over and over again.

f) This means Cowsharing will always own the original herd but will also grow the herd exponentially in order to assist more and more farmers and grow the asset base on behalf the shareholders.

g) Through this process of farming on other farmers land and sharing the proginy with them as payment, Cowsharing  grows it cattle herd exponentially to the benefits of shareholders.

h) The whole process from A to Z is managed by Cowsharing Consortium (Pty) Ltd. who takes care of all the day to day operations.


  • Real asset based investment that grows year on year

  • Cattle are the traditional store of wealth in Africa

  • Asset Value (The cattle) increase by nearly 100% each year through breeding

  • Cattle are low maintenance farming so operating expences are kept to a minimum

  • Low Risk as the risk is spread over many cattle and over many farms and risk can

  • Strong return profile between 12 & 20% for the investor

  • No monthly fees and additional costs to the investor

  • The investor does not buy specific cattle but invests in the cattle pool

  • Anyone can invest from as little as R1000.00 pm or in multiples of R1000 eg. R2000, R3000, R4000 etc as often as you have cash available

  • You can invest a lump sum once off or as often as you like

  • The stokvel member has no other financial obligations to Cowsharing

  • The stokvel member investor can sell his/her investment at any time if they wish to exit

  • The stokvel member investor gets monthly newsletters and quarterly reports to keep them updated

  • Cowsharing does not need to own the land in order to farm productively.